PATHWAYS holds regular team meetings. In this section you find news of the past events.

Jan 2015
May 2015
Aug 2015
Aug 2015
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June 2016
  • Lisbon Meeting
    DATE: January 28th—30th 2015
    VENUE: Institute of Social Sciences/University of Lisbon

    Our team meeting took place on January 28-30 2015 at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. In this meeting, we  were joined by the Advisory Board members.

  • Kickoff Meeting

    Kick-Off Meeting
    DATE: May 28th 2014
    VENUE: University of Bamberg

    The first meeting of the PATHWAYS project took place on May 28 at the University of Bamberg, Germany. This meeting brought the entire team together, fostering a discussion on work packages’ organization and research avenues to be pursued over the course of the next three years. Several theoretical and empirical challenges have been identified, most notably the painstaking task of collecting data on representation of citizens of immigration origin in significantly heterogeneous institutional and social settings. Our meeting allowed us to lay the foundations of the empirical indicators constituting the backbone of the PATHWAYS project.

  • ECPR General Conference 2015
    DATE: August 26th—29th 2015
    VENUE: Université de Montréal, Canada

    Project members will be presenting several representation and migration related papers at the ECPR General Conference, 26-29 August, Montreal, Canada.
    Papers to be presented include:

    • Karen Celis & Liza Mugge — Intersectional Group Representation: Research Designs and Methods
    • Liza Mugge, Daphne van der Pas & Marc van der Wardt — Shifts in Ethnic Minority Representation. An Intersectional Analysis of Ethnicity and Gender in Dutch Parliament, 1986-2012
    • Daniela Vintila, Laura Morales, Luis Ramiro & Simona Guerra — The Impact of Migration Flows, Public Opinion and Party Strategies on the Representation of Immigrant Origin Minorities in Countries of Recent Immigration. A Comparison of Italy and Spain
    • Steven van Hauwaert & Manlio Cinalli — The political integration of migrants and their descendants: Forget welfare and citizenship. It is all about the economy!
    • Constanza Petrarca — Immigrants Representation in Industrialized Societies
  • Women’s and Minority Representation Workshop at McGill University
    DATE: August 24th—25th 2015
    VENUE: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

    Thomas Saalfeld and Lucas Geese will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Substantive Representation of Non-European Minorities in the British House of Commons’ in a representation workshop.

  • MPs of Immigrant Origin in Eight European Countries: A Mid Project Conference
    DATE: February 15th 2016
    VENUE: Political Studies Association, Institute for Government, 2 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA, London

    PATHWAYS held a mid-project dissemination event in London with the support of the UK Political Studies Association. In this meeting, the project brought together academics, practitioners and journalists to present and discuss first preliminary results of our project. This offered an opportunity to discuss the political representation of citizens of immigrant origin with stakeholders such as politicians and think tanks involved in questions of citizenship and institutional reform. Our meeting also helped us engage with selected civil society organizations in discussing this important policy-issue and enrich the debate with our comparative findings.

    To access our report on preliminary research findings please click HERE.

    Media and web coverage of our meeting: El País; Spanish National Radio (RNE); Hidunstan Times; Asian Voice; Business Standard; Political Studies Association;World News; West Info; Migrant Rights Network; Work Permit.

    Please click here to access Political Studies Association’s YouTube channel with video coverage of our meeting.

  • ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops
    DATE: April 24th—28th 2016
    VENUE: Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and the University of Pisa.

    In April 2016, selected PATHWAYS members had the opportunity to present first comparative findings at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, in Pisa, Italy. Amongst other opportunities, Laura Morales and Thomas Saalfeld directed a workshop on the Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin. The meeting also afforded members of the PATHWAYS research group to discuss their findings with other workshop participants.

    The following PATHWAYS working papers have been presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Pisa:

    • Dodeigne, Morales, & Vintila — The social and political background of citizens of immigrant origin MPs: are they any different from other MPs?
    • Fernandes, Dodeigne, & Morales — The access of CIO legislators to positions of influence in the parliamentary arena
    • Fernandes, Morales, & Saalfeld — Conceptualizing and Measuring Descriptive and Substantive CIO Representation: Approaches and Challenges
    • Geese, Saalfeld, Schwemmer, & van der Pas — Substantive Representation and CIO MPs: A First Approach in Four European Democracies
    • Morales & van der Pas — The descriptive representation of CIOs in Europe: cross-national, cross-level and diachronic variations
    • Schmuck, Geese, Saalfeld, & Wüst — Immigrant Representation in a Party Democracy: Evidence from Germany
    • van de Wardt, Sobolewska, English, & van Hauwaert — How do parties respond to the immigration policy mood?
    • Van Hauwaert, Janssen, Pilet, Baudewyns, Celis, & Erzeel — The determinants of the descriptive representation of citizens of immigrant origin in Belgium
    • Vintila, Konstantinidou, Guerra, Morales, & Ramiro — The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Spain, Italy and Greece
  • 3rd General Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments
    DATE: June 30th— July 2nd 2016
    VENUE: Maximilianeum (Bavarian State Parliament), Munich, Germany

    PATHWAYS members had the opportunity to present their work at the bi-annual conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments, receiving extensive feedback from junior and senior legislative scholars. The following papers have been presented:

    • Fernandes & Saalfeld — Parliamentary Committees as Contexts for Descriptive and Substantive Representation
    • Geese, Pilet, & Saalfeld — Internal Legislative Constraints: When Do MPs of Immigrant Origin Get to Speak on the Floor of the Chamber – and What Do They Get to Speak about?
    • Saalfel, Fernandes, & Daphne van der Pas — Parliamentary Parties as Contexts for Descriptive and Substantive Representation
    • Sanhueza & Morales — When Do MPs of Immigrant Origin Talk About Immigration?