Diana Schacht is a Research Associate at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Previously, she worked as doctoral research assistant at the University of Bamberg, working at the Chair of Sociology, especially Analysis of Social Structures and in the international project “Pathways to Powers – The Political Representation of Citizens of Imigrant Origin in Seven European Democracies (PATHWAYS)” funded by ORA. Diana holds a Diploma in social sciences from the University of Göttingen (Germany). Prior to coming to Bamberg, she worked as a research assistant in the international project “Causes and Consequences of Socio-Cultural Integration Processes among New Immigrants in Europe (SCIP)” (PI: Prof. Claudia Diehl) funded by NORFACE. Her research focuses on questions of migration, integration, social inequalities, and social networks. In 2012/2013, Diana has been a visiting scholar at Trinity College Dublin in order to work on a dissertation paper with Peter Mühlau. She holds a scholarship from the “Female Research Network (feRNet)” at the University of Bamberg. – Germany/Research Fellow.